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If you are interested in starting your Biblical Studies academic journey, you would begin in General Bible I. Please visit the link below to apply:

Link to the Application and Registration Form

The General Bible I Course meets online each week via ZOOM, usually Mondays. The first meeting is a Mandatory Orientation Session available online as well, which is held the Monday after the Labor Day Holiday each year in September. As a new student you would begin in the upcoming academic year with our Mandatory Orientation via ZOOM on Monday, September 11, 2023 at 7pm eastern time.  You are also required to purchase some materials which are not included in tuition.  


Required Textbooks (Please be mindful that newer editions may be available!):

  1. Eade, Alfred T. (1961). The Expanded Panorama Bible Study Course. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Publishing Company. 

  2. Benware, Paul N. (1990). Survey of the New Testament. Chicago, Illinois: Moody Press.

  3. Clinton, Catherine. (2004). Harriet Tubman: The Road to Freedom. New York City, New York: Little, Brown and Company of the Hachette Book Group, Incorporated. 

  4. Conner, Kevin J. (1980). Interpreting the Symbols and Types. Portland, Oregon: City Bible (Bible Temple) Publishing. 

  5. MacDonald, William. (1995). Believers Bible Commentary. Nashville, Tennessee: Thomas Nelson Incorporated of HarperCollins Christian Publishing.  











Required Spiritual Reference Materials (Please be mindful that newer editions may be available):

  1. The Old Scofield Study Bible: Standard Edition, Red Letter. (1917 Notes; 1996).  Reverend C. I. Scofield, editor. New York: Oxford University Press. 

  2. Comprehensive Bible Dictionary, such as (student’s choice): 

  • Nelson, Thomas. Nelson’s Student Bible Dictionary 

  • Strong, James. The New Strong’s Complete Bible Dictionary 

  • Vine, William Edwy. Vine’s Expository Dictionary 





Here are the topics covered in General Bible I:


Module I

❖ Introduction to Old Testament Synthesis 

❖ Bible Synthesis 

❖ The Book of Genesis 

❖ Human Experiences in the Psalms Part I and Part II     

❖ The Book of Isaiah Part I and Part II            


Module II

❖ Introduction to New Testament Synthesis 

❖ The Gospel of St. Matthew Part I and Part II

❖ The Book of John Part I and Part II 

❖ The Book of Acts 

❖ The Book of Romans 

❖ The Book of Hebrews


Module III 

❖ Principles and Application of Homiletics 

❖ Introduction Lessons 

❖ Supplement Sheets  

❖ The Word Outline 

❖ The Phase Outline 

❖ The Pictorial Outline 

❖ The Propositional Phase Outline 

❖ The Biographical Method Outline 

❖ The Semi-Expository Outline 

❖ The Textual Method 


Module IV

❖ The Study of Biblical Typology 

❖ Early Character Types 

❖ The Tabernacle and Its Accomplishments 

❖ The Priesthood and Offerings 

❖ Selected Symbols 

❖ The Leading Mysteries of Scriptures 

❖ The Seven Kingdom Parables 

❖ The Cryptic, Hidden, Difficult Books




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