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Our curriculum is designed to help meet your spiritual and academic needs; to train you to continue to study God's Word throughout your life. We will teach you to yield to the power of the Holy Spirit and help you achieve your optimum potential in God. As you study with us you will learn to practically apply biblical principles to your everyday life and ministry. Courses last an entire academic year, from September until May.  If you would like to submit your transcript from previous Biblical Trainings at other Bible Colleges, please contact us at:



Diploma of Biblical Studies Certificate - completed in one (1) year 

     One (1) Required Course

          General Bible I 


Undergraduate Programs

Associate of Bible Studies - completed in two (2) years 

     Four (4) Required Courses:

          General Bible I                                  General Bible II

Bachelor of Theology - completed in four (4) years

     Four (4) Required Courses:

          General Bible I                                   General Bible III 

          General Bible II                                  General Bible IV 

Graduate Programs 

Master’s Program

Master of Theology - completed in two (2) years 

Completion of the Undergraduate Degree, Bachelor of Theology and 

     Two (2) Required Courses: 

          Master's Program - Year I                    Master's Program - Year II


Doctoral Program 

Doctor of Theology - completed in two (2) years

Completion of the Graduate Degree, Master of Theology and 

     Two (2) Required Courses:

          Doctoral Program - Year I                     Doctoral Program - Year II


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